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The name image and likeness business is something that is new to everyone, especially for young college athletes worldwide. With these new times come challenges and obstacles along the way as there are things to beware of and be cautious of when signing deals and contracts. Here are our top 10 tips to lookout for while negotiating and looking over a deal.

  1. Compliance with state/federal laws (assure that you are in compliance with the laws to avoid suspensions/legal troubles along the way)
  2. Understandment of terms and conditions in contract (make sure you know the ins and outs of the contract to avoid breaches in your contract)
  3. Know when/how you will get paid (be aware of the contract terms that state when you will get paid whether its after each event, end of season, etc. along with how the money will be getting to you)
  4. Understand what you need to DO in order to get paid (know what you need to provide: services, showing up to events, etc. to get paid)
  5. Make sure you are aware of the length of the deal (deal lengths will be included in contracts and may be one season, length of college career, etc.)
  6. Be aware of termination rights (so if needed you can get out of a deal)
  7. Be aware of if the deal is exclusive or non exclusive (in other words, if you are allowed to work with other deals and companies or  tied to one deal)
  8. Be protected by an agent, or have trustworthy people such as attorneys or family on your side who know law and are familiar with contracts (in order to assure no legal troubles or breaches occur which can cause suspension)
  9. Be compliant with University as well as NCAA regulations (also to avoid suspension or any troubles with the team getting involved as well)

    10. Plan ahead, and know what can happen in terms of a breached contract between parties (in case of a possible breach in contract, it is important to know the next steps and how you would handle that situation)

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