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About SportsFinda

Ours is the story born out of a sense of responsibility more than anything else. We had a great reputable sporting product that we wanted to put on the market but after experiencing rejection after rejection when approaching retailers with our product there was the realisation that many of the relationships that had been forged at the upper echelons of this industry would make it difficult, if not impossible, to crack into the leading industry retailers.

This cycle of having to constantly wait on others was deeply frustrating. Having been brought up on the concept of giving everyone a fair go and siding with the underdog, there was so much about this that felt awfully wrong….hence Sportsfinda was born. Ours is a story of leveling the playing field in the sport and fitness arena. Giving those that can’t crack the mainstream market, an arena in which to put their product out there. A homegrown, grassroots organisation that was adamant on giving all businesses a fair go.

Our Founder

At the age of 19, Ahmad Elhawli tried but found it hard to market his business. Like thousands of entrepreneurs, he spent money on digital marketing that didn’t produce results or turn a profit. Then he smartened up, dedicated himself to mastering digital marketing and completing a marketing Bachelors and masters degree.

Ten years later, Ahmad Elhawli is a recognized expert in digital marketing and the founder of the Business Wilderness agency. His business successes include working with Large Media outlets like Fairfax Media, a successful stint at MCCA Ltd where he was able to help generate Hundreds of Millions of dollars and double Revenue Numbers in under 2 years and many other successes with different organisations.

Ahmad had the Oceania Licensing rights to one of the largest boxing brands in the world. Helping scale revenue to over $400k in just 2 years. The Brand previously had no presence in Oceania.

He Currently Hosts the Business Wilderness podcast, in which he has interviewed individuals from some of the largest organisations in the world such as Forbes, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Hubspot and many others.