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Week 8 Adrian Peterson reached the Milestone being the #6 rusher in NFL history. Peterson has now achieved rushing for 13,701 yards in his career. This week he surpassed the elite Hall of Famers Jerome Bettis and LaDainian Tomlinson on that list. Adrian Peterson at the age of 34 is still showing he is a back to be feared  in the league and one of the best to ever do it. Even though Peterson with the redskins lost to his former team the Vikings it wasn’t a dull moment at all. The night was still a special moment as he rushed into Greatness being #6 all-time and more rushing to come.

Adrian Peterson from Palestine, Texas has been an amazing back in the eyes of football seems like forever. He has one of the most legendary stories. Peterson also was one of the most feared college running backs playing at Oklahoma being a Heisman Candidate. After his collegiate career he was drafted in the 1st Round 7th pick by the Minnesota Vikings. Adrian Peterson in his career has sets records such as the Most Rushing yards in a game for 296 yards.

His most Legendary season was year 2012. Peterson came off an ACL surgery to running toward the second most rushing yards in NFL history of a season gaining  2,097 yards. That season he gained the crown of being the NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the Year as well. Continuing on his career AP has been nothing shy of greatness with his electrifying powerful downhill running over defenders to jump cutting and vicious stiff arms style of play.

Adrian Peterson well known for his nickname “All Day” is still living up to his greatness breaking down defenders and running through defenses in his career now. It was an amazing site as the Fans applauded him on his success and also reaching that Milestone against his former team he will forever be remember playing for the Minnesota Vikings. Congratulations Adrian Peterson! Welcome to records books and more wishes to see you climb higher on the list. The NFL fans and NFL nation are proud of Peterson’s greatness. “All Day”!

By Jay Burley

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