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In the Business of NIL Episode 5 our guest and the founder/CEO of Lrt sports, Keirsten Sires speaks on the recent news and happenings in the world of NIL in college sports. Lrt sports is a ratings and review website for college coaches along with making content creation for recruiting and NIL all relating to college athletics. 


Since the start of Covid-19 one thing we have seen change the most in the college sports world is the art of recruitment. Due to the pandemic recruiters and coaches were forced more to zoom/ online meetings supposed to the normal face to face meetings which was a big change. On top of that, the athletes did not have the normal recruiting process as they did not always have the on campus visits and special treatments they may have had, due to the guidelines and restrictions. 


Lrt sports is a big advantage to college athletes across the world, and some of the benefits they include and how student athletes can best take advantage of lrt sports include:

  • Having the coach ratings available to them 
  • Learn more about certain coaches/programs
  • Content – recruiting information/process
  • Learn about NIL and what it means


The academy is a 10 part learning series from lrt sports, and it is meant to inform student athletes and help them learn how to be successful with NIL. Since NIL is very new and recent there are still a lot of gray areas surrounding what players can and can’t do as well as how to approach their name image and likeness. Student athletes get informed by the program of the policies that they may not have been aware of, as well as what they have access to and how to capitalize off their name image and likeness. 


Before student athletes go out and collect their name image and likeness, it is important that they:

  • Use an agent – not only because of NCAA policies but also to make sure that opportunities can be maximized as well as making sure that the dynamics are understood and there are no policies being broken along the way


The most important things for student athletes going forward with these new times and adjusting to the world of the NIL are to:

  • Stay informed given the resources given 
  • Make sure to do research and know the can’s and the cant’s to assure no hiccups along the way
  • Be protected by agents and have trustworthy people in your corner throughout
  • Stay up to date with the changes as this is new for everyone and there will be changes in rules and regulations along the way


To wrap it up, it is important to know what you want going and have goals and visions in mind such as coaches, programs as well as NIL opportunities. While doing so it is important to stay protected and know what you are getting into  instead of just chasing the money and being smart along the way with trustworthy people in your corner throughout this process. 

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