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The Best Football Gloves Give You The Best Hands

BY:- Riley baines On:- April 20, 2020 Comments:- (0)
FOOTBALL GLOVES When I look at Steve Largent highlights it really drops my jaw considering he never wore football gloves. Anyone who has ever had a fresh pair of football gloves can tell you just how important they are. As someone catching the football, it is really almost like... Read More

Protect yourself with Shoulder Pads

BY:- Riley baines On:- Comments:- (0)
SHOULDER PADS Besides the football helmet, there is no piece of football equipment more important for protection than the shoulder pads. They consist of shock absorbing foam material that allow you to hit and get hit without serious injury. Safe contact requires you to lead... Read More

Protect yourself with the best Helmet

BY:- Riley baines On:- April 10, 2020 Comments:- (0)
There needs to be a happy balance with a players helmet. The main goal is to protect yourself. CTE is an ever-growing issue and it's important you take all precautions possible to protect your brain. In the same sense, the heavier the helmet, the more it becomes a weapon. You... Read More

The Best Cleats Can Be The Difference

BY:- Riley baines On:- April 8, 2020 Comments:- (0)
There may not be a most important equipment than football cleats when it comes to moving at full speed. They offer you the traction you need to stay on your feet. Whether it's moving quickly side to side or reaching that straight away top speed, you need the best cleats possible... Read More

The Best Football Equipment Makes the Best Player

BY:- Riley baines On:- February 12, 2020 Comments:- (0)
FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT If you want to be the best, it extends much further than what you do on the field. The perfect example of this is Jerry Rice. Of course he became the best because of his work ethic and talent, but he was a perfectionist who needed everything to work... Read More

Top 10 Running Quarterbacks in NFL History

BY:- Riley baines On:- December 25, 2019 Comments:- (0)
Top 10 Running Quarterbacks in NFL History Remember when running Quarterbacks were avoided like the plague? Bring us life Lamar! It's a new day in the NFL. It wasn't until pioneer Fran Tarkenton's scrambling ability opened the door for a new style of Quarterback. The running... Read More

Cowboys put the nail in the Giants

BY:- Jay Burley On:- November 6, 2019 Comments:- (0)
Monday Night the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants faced off in a tough battle. Both teams are known for their elite running backs who are Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot and Giants Saquon Barkley. The Cowboys had the Edge in the running gain that night and Dak Prescott delivered... Read More

Golden State Suffers another Loss with Stephen Curry’s Broken Hand

BY:- Jay Burley On:- October 31, 2019 Comments:- (0)
Golden State Warriors took on the Phoenix Suns last night. The Warrior have had a rough start to the season being in multiple double digit losses and trailing huge in games. The team is already without Star Klay Thompson due to a torn ACL. Thompson plays a big role for Golden... Read More

“The Lake Show” too much for the Grizzlies

BY:- Jay Burley On:- October 30, 2019 Comments:- (0)
The Lakers took on the Grizzlies in a game that went from being a back and forth battle in the first quarter to totally the "Lake Show” as it progressed. The Grizzlies and Lakers battled in the first half where the Grizzlies led in the first quarter 32-27 coming off to a... Read More