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The Chiefs defeated the Ravens in a huge matchup of the week that many were awaiting. Both teams containing Quarterbacks of elite caliber battled it out showcasing their abilities. The (Young Gun-Slinger) Pat Mahomes II and the (Wheeling and Dealing) Lamar Jackson.

Mahomes of the Chiefs show cased his gun slinging abilities making tight throws and smart reads. Mahomes led the Chiefs to victory over the a Ravens tough defense. Mahomes accounted for 27/37 for 374 yards with 3 touchdowns. LeSean McCoy highly contributed having a touchdown rushing and receiving. Ravens defense struggled contains the Chiefs and their elite MVP caliber QB Mahomes.

Lamar Jackson on the Ravens dueled it out using his dual threat abilities which still wasn’t enough to cap off a victory. Jackson missed throws and reads that made the difference in the outcome of the game finishing 22/43 and 267 yards with no touchdown through the air. He added 46 yards rushing with a rushing touchdown. Also, on the ground game Mark Ingram rushed for 103 yard and 3 touchdowns.

The game was full of action between both teams. The Chiefs turned on the intensity scoring 23 points in the second quarter to breakaway the rest of the night. As Kansas City had the lead they contained the Ravens offense where even late scores in the second half weren’t enough to clinch the lead. The game ended with the Chiefs beating the Ravens 33-28. Both teams looked well but the Chiefs seemed like the better team with the better quarterback having former reigning MVP Pat Mahomes.

By Jay Burley

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