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Frequently asked questions :

What is the Sportsfinda Marketplace?


The marketplace will act as an online platform that gives ALL businesses a fair go. Everybody starts equal on the platform and the rest is up to the individual driving the organisation. This way we create an online hub for sporting and fitness goods where the free market can be on display in all its glory. 

What are the services offered?

For those that register, there will be access to a Vendor page that will allow them to sell their products, monitor how the page is travelling in terms of visits, clicks, views, receive messages from customers and many more features. All vendors will have their products distributed to different social media platforms as well as google and other search engines in order to expose products to a large wider audience.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee differs depending on the package chosen. There are four different packages that are priced at $19.99, $39.99, $59.99 and $79.99. The details of each package and what they consist of can be found in the ‘Plans & Pricing’ section of the website.

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