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Frank Gore reached a career Milestone of 15,000+ rushing yards in week three of the season. Gore known as the one-cut Downhill back has been a class act his whole career from Miami University, his elite years with the 49ers, and now in Buffalo. Gore was also a tailback known as the “War Horse” bringing his team up and down the field among his career who has now entered into a circle where only legends stand. Gore has now became the No.4 all-time rusher in NFL history with 15,021 yards accompanied by his 79 career touchdowns and more expected this season.

As Gore climbs the ladder of greatness which he has already obtained within his resume of stats; he continues to increase his numbers defying the age factor being a 36 year old running back. Even with being 36 years old, in week 3 Gore displayed he still has juice left in the tank rushing for 109 yards on 17 carries against the Patriots. That says a lot knowing New England has one of the toughest defenses in the league. It was a sight to see.

The Miami-native rushed into the 15k mark on a 41-yard run as he found a seam in the New Englands defense. On that run it explained Gore’s presence his whole career. Gore displayed having some speed even at 36 years old showing his vision, exploding downhill running defenders over, breaking tackles, stiff arming, and maneuvering through defenders before being taken down. The fans gave him a special cheer as he surpassed 15k into a circle where only few Hall of Famers have reached.

Even facing the loss to New England 16-10 at the end of the day Gore was still positive. He deserved to be proud with his efforts and work ethic throughout his career. Frank Gore achieved a milestone that only less than a hand full in history has done. Congrats Frank Gore! Welcome to 15k and many more to come on your Legendary Career.

By Jay Burley

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