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Golden State Warriors took on the Phoenix Suns last night. The Warrior have had a rough start to the season being in multiple double digit losses and trailing huge in games. The team is already without Star Klay Thompson due to a torn ACL. Thompson plays a big role for Golden State being a threat Scoring and defending but now it has taken a step further.

So far this season the warriors are struggling defensively every night. They were trailing the Suns in the first half by 30 which has been foreign for the past couple years due to the All-Star Championship teams they possessed. In the 3rd quarter things got worse as Stephen Curry drove to the basket getting tied mid air between two defenders and falling on his left hand as a defender fell on him as well. Curry exited the court immediately without even taking his free throws due to severity of a broken hand. Curry ended the night with 9 points, 6 assist, and 5 rebounds playing 21 minutes.

With former two time NBA MVP-Star Player Stephen Curry being Injured it puts the Warriors in an even bigger state of scarcity upon their season. With basically their whole guard attack gone due to Thompson and Curry being injured they are in a tough position. Golden State will have to rely on D’Angelo Russell highly on the offensive end who was an All-Star last season with Brooklyn. Most of the weight defensively will be on Draymond Green leading them but in the Western Conference it is hard to believe that will be enough to compete.The West is full of talented teams up and down the depth chart of the rosters.

By the end of the night the Suns clinched the Win over the Warriors 121-110. Steph Curry is having a CT scan to determine if he will need surgery including the recovery time he most definitely will need. It’s a tragic loss for Golden State with a record of (1-3) and clutch Win for the Suns who are now (3-2). More to come this season ahead with the adjustments of Golden State and many other teams around the league. Fans, players, and coaches all around the globe wish Stephen Curry the best upon his recovery.

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