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“Not Bad for a running back!”, said the humorous Quarterback Lamar Jackson after a great performance leading Baltimore to a 59-10 win over Miami in the season opener. Lamar Jackson through his time beginning in the NFL battled critics and scouts who believed he wasn’t a true quarterback. Many projected him to be a running back or wide receiver. Lamar Jackson’s talent elusively led the ravens from an unsure season to a playoff run last season by his player maker abilities at QB.

Still entering this season many doubted the quarterbacks abilities which he silenced in week 1. Jackson showed he is a true quarterback. There is much more of the season to come but the quarterback back who is known for scrambling to out running defenses with his feet showed amazing poise and pocket presence this game. Lamar Jackson showed his willingness to work hard and correct his quarterback mechanics. This previous offseason he said he focused on correcting his stance, throwing, and decision making.

With those adjustments it showed fruition upon his play. The talented Lamar Jackson showed the presence of a young gunslinger in week 1 of the season. Jackson completed 17 out of 20 passes for 324 yards and a booming 5 passing touchdowns. The game finished with a massive win for Baltimore over Miami.

As the season continues we will see more from the young prolific wheeling and dealing Lamar Jackson as he leads the ravens offense throwing and rushing for touchdowns. How far will the Ravens go? We will see week by week as Lamar Jackson leads the way being the General of their high powered offense.

By Jay Burley

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