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Nba Westbrook

Russell Westbrook who is known as the passionate love me or hate me rim shaking, dashing, lethal passing, scoring, and floor general has now made his entrance as a Houston Rocket. Westbrook departed an 11-year career he had with Oklahoma City Thunder. The triple threat–triple-double machine who has historically broken barriers upon his play rising to iconic All-Star and NBA League  MVP Status has now reunited with a former teammate and long-time friend.

This friend has been the face of the Rockets Organization and also another dominate Star- NBA MVP holder known as “ James Hardin”. It is believed that with Hardin and Westbrook it will be a high tempo scoring offense. Many critics deny the collaboration of the two due to both being Ball dominant players. Russell Westbrook addressed that in his press conference in Houston saying “ to be able to win something, you’ve got to be willing to sacrifice some parts of your game, and we both understand that.”

It is a note in his entrance that Russell is not stuck in the past and his only priority is the Houston Rockets working toward an NBA Championship. It will be an amazing show every night with two special threats collaborating with the same team on the court. Also with all the scrutiny faced upon years due to the Houston fan base hate to Westbrook, it is a great honor to see how they welcomed him with open arms.

Russell’s answer to those battles in the past was “That I’m a Nice Guy”, and “Obviously when I play the game, I’m going out to compete. I’m going out to win. And I don’t care how that looks.” With high hopes, this season fans are excited and the Houston Fan base is rocking now having Westbrook on their side as opposed to dealing with his talents on another team.

This NBA season has so much ahead indeed to see for the fans and many more. This will be an exciting and interesting year for Houston.

By Jay Burley

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