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The NFL season upon us brings two big names to mind that always come up in the wide receiver position. Antonio Brown of the Oakland Raiders and Odell Beckham Jr. of the Cleveland Browns. These Iconic players will start this season in a new home. Due to the social view of the pre-Madonna stereotype given upon these players, they have been looked at in two different views such as the Hero and the Villain in many conversations.

Odell Beckham has been historic while placing in the NFL rankings in catches and yds early on in his career. Antonio Brown has wowed fans and made history as well with multiple seasons of 100+ catches amongst the past couple years. These two are chasing greatness and the new question is with them both being on new teams, new systems, new staff, and new environments will they succeed? Will their greatness decline?

It speaks simply for both players being Top 5 in their position that they will be in a legendary conversation due to their production in the future and there play displays that in the presence of their careers. The scrutiny faced due to being the passionate players they are have given many perceptions that elevate and take away from both players which are sometimes Good or Bad. With that all being said and how they impact a team, fans, and NFL as a whole their talents will really be displayed this season due to new changes.

The new change is great for Brown and Beckham and should be fun for fans seeing their success rise in hopes. This season will be a great year to see these two Wide Receivers rise from positions that were uncomfortable among their former teams.

Viewers will witness greatness as these two will be Hall of Famers someday. Of course, it is all in discussion and many questions will be answered by the result of this season. The Big Players who make Big Plays bring so much excitement!

We will find out after this preseason what is to come!!!!

By Jay Burley

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