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NFL Training camp

Report day for NFL Training Camps around the NFL is amongst us. At every facility, you can see the excitement of fans and players focused with all eyes insight for the season ahead. This year all eyes have been set on one team that hasn’t been in the buzz for a while among winning standings. “The Cleveland Browns “The Cleveland Browns have been the talk of the league. Cleveland’s biggest attraction for the fans have been Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. The Wide Receiver Duo/Brotherly Love of Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry have been what many fans have awaited bringing a sense of light to the city of Cleveland.

The first day of the NFL training camp their fans saw a glimpse of the duo in action with the offense. Beckham and Landry were one of the best college WR duos among their time playing at LSU. Their dream was to play on the same team together and now that the dream is true we are all witnessing two pro bowl receivers who are both known for some of the stylish, shiftiest, and most incredible catching abilities the league has ever seen in the same huddle at its biggest stage.

This season will be full of jaw-dropping one hand grabs and heroic catches with these two iconic receivers. With so much pressure on the Browns with high hopes being a team with a history in the last decade of few wins and many losses to now have expectations of Super Bowl heights. It will be high emotions due to the passion of the offense on all cylinders from the young gun Quarterback Baker Mayfield to the flying arsenal of Wide Receivers Beckham and Landry lining up all over the field to catch everything in the area code around them.

More info on the league from around the globe also rises in Philadelphia. The Eagles with quarterback Carson Wentz and his new weapon who is actually historically one of the best deep threats in NFL history and his numbers don’t lie. With many other assets on the team the eagles are another team upon wonder if healthy, how far will they really go this year with their quarterback or even without due to the cast around him that we have seen from the Eagles being in the Super Bowl before without their Star quarterback.

The First Day of the NFL training camp is full of jitters and much more hype from the fans so players are dialing in to prepare for the season. Tom Brady looks in perfect form with the Patriots. The veteran quarterback who is still playing looking like a young stud in his Prime is defying the age factor year by year as he rallies his team preparing them in camp. The Patriots are known around the league for a sense of greatness in preparation and execution due to the legendary and winning reputation of coach Bill Belichick. With much more details around the league, this is just a snippet of buzz going on.

Every fan base is pumping with excitement for their team. The start of this years NFL training camp around the league has fans on the edge of their seats with so much optimism for what is to come for this season. We’ll see you soon Fans!!!!!!


By Jay Burley

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