Product Updates Dec/Jan - Sportsfinda's Marketplace


            1.1) Developed functionality of Custom offers.

Users can make an offer to the vendor about the vendor’s product price.

The vendor can then reject, approve and negotiate about price using this functionality.


            1.2) Developed Sportsfinda Bulk Product Importer Plugin.

This plugin will import all the products of a vendor on another platform to sportsfinda.

other platfo­­­­­rms are:

– BigCommerce

– WooCommerce

            1.3) DNS issue fixes for Email

Minor bug fixes in email DNS.

            1.4) Changed dashboard for individual sellers.

– added custom offer menu and created a page for it.

– can view his/her offers made to the vendor.

– can delete or edit own custom offers

– can approve, delete or negotiate offers that were made from other customers.

– multiple product deletion functionalities



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