Product Updates October - November - Sportsfinda's Marketplace

The Team at Sportsfinda is working very hard at building the best consumer experience for vendors and customers. Our development team is hard at work building out changes to make your selling and buying journey seamless. Check out some of the cool features we built out during the months of  October – November:

Shopify API automation

We have made the Shopify product import process automated, now vendors don’t have to pull their latest products by going to their dashboard. All Products and their stocks will be updated on a daily basis.

NETO API automation

We have given our vendors a new feature through which they can import products from their NETO stores, you just need to give us API details of NETO and our automated software will handle the rest.

Filters button on the Shop page for Mobile

We give the utmost value to user experience and to improve it we have redesigned our filters on the Shop page. Now you can use our filters by clicking on the Filter button.

We redesigned a few key pages based on consumer feedback and behavior analysis: 

Home page Redesign

Shop page Redesign

Individual Seller feature

Now everybody can sell their sporting goods on Sportsfinda. Your unwanted goods taking up space in your garage now have a real home…

Business Store profile

Businesses are now able to enquire about selling on our platform and will appear with a Business Profile.


Individual Seller Profile

Every Individual now has a profile that their uploaded products will appear on as well as a profile image and categories.

Individual Add product

Individuals are now able to add their own products individually, empty your closets and get selling on Sportfinda.

Add import products field questions in the vendor’s registration email

In the past our vendors faced issues in adding their Shopify API details to their dashboard, we’ve made it easy for the vendors now. When a new vendor registers with Sportsfinda he/she will receive a link to add Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento &  NETO API details.

The Months of October and November were very busy times for the Sportsfinda team, we continue to work hard and build out many more features and improvements to make your Sportsfinda Journey a great one! Stay tuned for next month’s updates!


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