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Besides the football helmet, there is no piece of football equipment more important for protection than the shoulder pads. They consist of shock absorbing foam material that allow you to hit and get hit without serious injury. Safe contact requires you to lead with your shoulder and it is vital that you have the shoulder pads that allow you to absorb the blow that would normally injure your shoulders.

The first shoulder pads ever made were in 1877 and were extremely thing providing little protection. We have come a long way as the shoulder pads today still provide that lightweight that allow for movement while also providing that extremely important protection in a contact sport.

It is very important that you get the shoulder pads that are suited for your position. If you are an offensive lineman, you don’t need the same shoulder pads as a skilled position player. You don’t need to have a range of motion as drastic, therefore you should opt for a more bulky pair. You will be doing a lot of contact against the biggest guys on the field, and it’s not worth it to get a small pair of shoulder pads that will cause you to get injured.

In contrast to that, skilled position guys should opt for the less bulky pair of shoulder pads. For positions like Quarterback, you want little to no restriction when pulling back your arm to unleash the football. Same goes for defensive backs or wide receivers who are the most reliant on speed and being able to flash your hands in the air to catch the football. I have even played with guys who completely removed the foam from the shoulder pads to make the range of motion as drastic as possible as well as speed. I do not suggest this move, but I urge you to get a pair of shoulder pads that make you feel comfortable while offering the protection needed.

As for the in between positions like running back and linebacker, this is where there is the most room. If you are a guy with shoulder problems, opt for a bulkier pair. Keep in mind that you do sacrifice a little amount of speed and range of motion going with the bulky pair. Find the happy medium that makes you feel happy on the field.

Don’t be satisfied grabbing the first pair you find and going with it. Football is a game of inches and you need to have the best fitting and most suited pair for you to be able to play your best and secure the win for your team. Here at SportsFinda, we offer you the chance to get the best equipment ranging from every position and company that will make you comfortable on the field. Riddell is regarded as the gold standard for shoulder pads, but we offer every type to be able to fit your need. Click here to search our products!

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