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There needs to be a happy balance with a players helmet. The main goal is to protect yourself. CTE is an ever-growing issue and it’s important you take all precautions possible to protect your brain. In the same sense, the heavier the helmet, the more it becomes a weapon. You want a lightweight helmet that keeps you fast and does the most important job of protecting your brain.

There are millions of dollars invested in creating the best product possible, so don’t just pretend like any helmet will do. I talked about how cleats are the most important equipment for performance, well helmets are the most important for protection. Do not skimp out on selecting the right helmet. Your choice is vital to being confident about your protection on the field.

The best players play from the neck up. That means the most important part of every play is using your brain. You need to read the play to your best ability and be able to react as fast as possible. Anyone who has experienced a dinger knows that your brain can get foggy. You can see stars and become dizzy and when this happens you need to immediately remove yourself from the field. It can happen with any helmet, but take every precaution possible to keep your head protected.

Our gold standard for helmets is Riddell. They are constantly looking to improve their product and protect the players at all cost. There is nothing better than strolling out on the field looking amazing with your revo speed as well as knowing that you have the best helmet possible to protect yourself from injury.

I talked about the happy balance and here it is. You want a helmet that protects you, that doesn’t effect performance, and of course looks cool. At sportsfinda, you will have the option of a wide array of the best helmets on the market that fits your need. You have a fat head? No problem at all. Again, we at sportsfina offer you every type and size of helmet. To browse this selection visit our website and app by clicking here!

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