Monetize your Athlete Name, Image & Likeness
The Complete Athlete Nil Monetization Platform!


Features of Athlete Platform

Sportsfinda’s NFT’S Marketplace!

Share memorable sporting moments or collectibles on the NFT Marketplace, we can also help you design it!

Explore Sportsfinda’s Merchandise!

Sportsfinda allows Athletes to upload Merchandise & Sell it through our Web & mobile app.
Sign up to the Sportsfinda Platform today!

Explore Auctions!

Auction off a piece of memorabilia
Sell a piece of memorabilia and share it with your Audience!
Launch & Sell your Experiences! 😍
Launch and Sell experiences in-person and online throgh the Sportsfinda platform.

Olympian & Paralympian

Sports look in the world of Gaming
Launch a Fundraiser for a Social cause you believe in!

Sportsfinda’s Appearances!

Book Athletes for Appearances!

Brands have the ability to book athletes for appearances through the Sportsfinda App.

Still confused? Learn how to Book Athletes!
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