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The Best Football Gloves Give You The Best Hands

BY:- Riley baines On:- April 20, 2020 Comments:- (19 )
FOOTBALL GLOVES When I look at Steve Largent highlights it really drops my jaw considering he never wore football gloves. Anyone who has ever had a fresh pair of football gloves can tell you just how important they are. As someone catching the football, it is really almost like... Read More

Protect yourself with Shoulder Pads

BY:- Riley baines On:- Comments:- (4 )
SHOULDER PADS Besides the football helmet, there is no piece of football equipment more important for protection than the shoulder pads. They consist of shock absorbing foam material that allow you to hit and get hit without serious injury. Safe contact requires you to lead... Read More

The Best Football Equipment Makes the Best Player

BY:- Riley baines On:- February 12, 2020 Comments:- (0)
FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT If you want to be the best, it extends much further than what you do on the field. The perfect example of this is Jerry Rice. Of course he became the best because of his work ethic and talent, but he was a perfectionist who needed everything to work... Read More