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NIL Episode 9: Barstool & The Business of NIL

BY:- Noah Danzig On:- September 8, 2021 Comments:- (0)
In the Business of NIL Episode 9 our guest and sports attorney Dan Lust speaks on Barstools involvement in the world of NIL. Dan has been a lawyer now for about 8 years, and has experience in sports as well as he worked for the New York Giants in the public relations department... Read More

Business of NIL Episode 5

BY:- Noah Danzig On:- Comments:- (0)
In the Business of NIL Episode 5 our guest and the founder/CEO of Lrt sports, Keirsten Sires speaks on the recent news and happenings in the world of NIL in college sports. Lrt sports is a ratings and review website for college coaches along with making content creation for... Read More

4 mainstream fitness myths that need to stop

BY:- rashid On:- November 6, 2017 Comments:- (0)
In our previous editions about the widely accepted myths in the world of fitness we spoke about 3 specific issues which exist in the mainstream. There was a lot of information to digest and each ‘myth’ needed to be broken down sufficiently in order for it to be understood.... Read More

Fitness myth 3: True or false?

BY:- rashid On:- Comments:- (0)
In our previous articles we detailed a couple of widely accepted myths in the realm of fitness. Namely, the idea that small meals throughout the day are better for the metabolism than fewer meals which are larger in quantity. Secondly, we spoke about the myth of needing to eat... Read More