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Business of NIL Episode 14: Athlete Branding

BY:- Noah Danzig On:- September 24, 2021 Comments:- (0)
In the Business of NIL Episode 14 our guest and digital creator Rob Villanueva speaks to us on athlete branding, as well as NIL and NFTS. Rob has been in sports for the past 15 years. He has spent a lot of time working in digital marketing. Rob also helped guide his younger... Read More

NIL Episode 6: Perks & Pitfalls of the Lifestyle

BY:- Noah Danzig On:- September 8, 2021 Comments:- (0)
In the Business of NIL Episode 6 our guest and the CEO of PLM, Rachel Perkins speaks on the ups and the downs for Athletes & Student athletes. PLM which stands for Perks Lifestyle Management is a consulting agency that assists athletes with branding, as well as services to... Read More

NIL Episode 3: Entrepreneurial Opportunities

BY:- Noah Danzig On:- Comments:- (0)
In the Business of NIL Episode 3 our guest and founder/CEO of the NIL network, Michelle Meyer speaks on the Entrepreneurial Opportunities for student athletes. These student athletes have many unique opportunities that have been a long time coming for them regarding the NIL.... Read More

Content Marketing for Sports and Fitness Businesses

BY:- ahmad elhawli On:- April 30, 2018 Comments:- (0)
Sports and fitness businesses need to capitalise on the latest marketing trends in order to remain relevant in the heavily contested current climate. One way to do that, is by making use of the powers of content marketing. Before we can even begin discussing the importance of... Read More

7 tips to boost your content marketing

BY:- rashid On:- November 29, 2017 Comments:- (0)
One of the most important elements of online marketing undoubtedly lies within the realm of content strategy. Content marketing, in all its forms, is one of the key pillars to establish success in your business. How else are people to become familiar with your content, if not... Read More