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Top 10 Fantasy Players For The 2021-2022 NFL Season

BY:- Noah Danzig On:- September 6, 2021 Comments:- (0)
Football season is finally approaching, and that means it is time to start studying up for the fantasy football season so you can be this year’s champion. Although it is often hard to predict who will play well in a season due to injuries, setbacks, or breakout/slump seasons,... Read More

Top 10 Running Quarterbacks in NFL History

BY:- Riley baines On:- December 25, 2019 Comments:- (1 )
Top 10 Running Quarterbacks in NFL History Remember when running Quarterbacks were avoided like the plague? Bring us life Lamar! It's a new day in the NFL. It wasn't until pioneer Fran Tarkenton's scrambling ability opened the door for a new style of Quarterback. The running... Read More

Cowboys put the nail in the Giants

BY:- Jay Burley On:- November 6, 2019 Comments:- (0)
Monday Night the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants faced off in a tough battle. Both teams are known for their elite running backs who are Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot and Giants Saquon Barkley. The Cowboys had the Edge in the running gain that night and Dak Prescott delivered... Read More

AP “All Day” in the Record Books

BY:- Jay Burley On:- October 30, 2019 Comments:- (0)
Week 8 Adrian Peterson reached the Milestone being the #6 rusher in NFL history. Peterson has now achieved rushing for 13,701 yards in his career. This week he surpassed the elite Hall of Famers Jerome Bettis and LaDainian Tomlinson on that list. Adrian Peterson at the age of 34... Read More

The Jets shock the Cowboys

BY:- Jay Burley On:- October 14, 2019 Comments:- (0)
The Jets were 0-4 coming into week 6 against Dallas who seemed very confident of a win but that was not the outcome. After suffering back to back losses Dallas seemed to think this would be an easy week which most would say was actually desperate need of them to win due to... Read More

49ers stomp the Browns

BY:- Jay Burley On:- October 12, 2019 Comments:- (0)
Monday Night the Sanfranciso 49ers stomped the Cleveland Browns beating them 31-3. The 49ers are on a 4-0 winning streak surprising the league. The 49ers took ahold of the game on the ground as Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman ran all over the Browns defense. The Browns couldn't... Read More

Frank Gore 15k in the History Books

BY:- Jay Burley On:- October 2, 2019 Comments:- (0)
Frank Gore reached a career Milestone of 15,000+ rushing yards in week three of the season. Gore known as the one-cut Downhill back has been a class act his whole career from Miami University, his elite years with the 49ers, and now in Buffalo. Gore was also a tailback known... Read More

Chiefs Out Dual the Ravens

BY:- Jay Burley On:- September 25, 2019 Comments:- (0)
The Chiefs defeated the Ravens in a huge matchup of the week that many were awaiting. Both teams containing Quarterbacks of elite caliber battled it out showcasing their abilities. The (Young Gun-Slinger) Pat Mahomes II and the (Wheeling and Dealing) Lamar Jackson. Mahomes... Read More

Browns get the Win over Jets

BY:- Jay Burley On:- September 19, 2019 Comments:- (0)
Week 2 held a Monday night Thriller as the Cleveland Browns traveled to take on the NewYork Jets. With both teams coming off a loss in week 1 they were desperately seeking a win. Being in NewYork at Meadowlands Stadium there was a bittersweet welcoming from fans to Odell... Read More