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The New Patriot Antonio Brown!

BY:- Jay Burley On:- September 10, 2019 Comments:- (4 )
Antonio Brown has had a journey from last season ending in Pittsburgh, from the fiasco in Oakland, and now a warm welcoming in New England. Some would call this a disgrace or mastermind piece done by Antonio Brown. Since the last weeks of 2018 season in Pittsburgh Antonio... Read More

NFL Regular Season Is Among Us!

BY:- Jay Burley On:- September 3, 2019 Comments:- (4 )
With preseason coming to an end we are now heading into the part of the year fans have been waiting for being the regular season. There’s been many changes this offseason around the league as well as even this preseason. Rosters will be set and teams are doing their last cuts,... Read More

The Rise of AB!

BY:- Jay Burley On:- August 31, 2019 Comments:- (4 )
Since last season Antonio Brown has been in the light of the media upon many circumstances. The scrutiny faced upon the Wide Receiver has formed hate as well as Love from many fans. Antonio Brown has been labeled as a diva, selfish, and problematic by critics including angry... Read More

Fitness myth 3: True or false?

BY:- rashid On:- November 6, 2017 Comments:- (0)
In our previous articles we detailed a couple of widely accepted myths in the realm of fitness. Namely, the idea that small meals throughout the day are better for the metabolism than fewer meals which are larger in quantity. Secondly, we spoke about the myth of needing to eat... Read More