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There may not be a most important equipment than football cleats when it comes to moving at full speed. They offer you the traction you need to stay on your feet. Whether it’s moving quickly side to side or reaching that straight away top speed, you need the best cleats possible to reach your maximum potential. It is essential for a football player to find the cleats that are right for them and choosing the right option for your position and play style.

Let’s start with the different styles of cleats.

  • High-tops – These offer the most ankle support. Ideally these are for the positions that play in the trenches like offensive or defensive lineman.  These positions put a lot of stress and strain on a players ankles, so the best option would be high-tops.
  • Mid-cut – These offer a happy balance between high and low cut cleats. They offer ankle support while still allowing maneuverability. These can work for any position, but mostly used for skilled position.
  • Low-cut.  If you want to be the fastest player possible, this should be your cleat of choice. They offer the least amount of ankle support, but are the lightest in weight. The lower cut provides extra maneuverability, allowing a player to make the quickest cuts possible, but if the player is prone to ankle injuries, it’s a better idea to go with a mid-cut cleat.

The second choice would be the brand. The best brands for football cleats include Nike, Adidas and Under Armour. Some vouch for their brand of choice likes they’re a member of their family. The reality is that it’s all up to preference. Each of these brands offer an array of styles and fits so it’s important you read up to get the brand that fits your need.

Lastly, there is an option between molded and detachable spikes. If getting your money’s worth is your goal, go with detachable spikes. If a spike gets worn out, you have the ability to screw on a brand new spike. The con of this is that this type of cleat is heavier than molded. The latter is the better performance cleat. Once the spikes wear out, you have to move on to a new pair, because it will effect your ability to cut, but if the spikes are still in tact, it’s clearly the better option for peak performance.

In conclusion, make sure you take your cleat game very seriously. If you want to be the fastest player possible, it’s vital to get the best cleats possible for your play style and position.

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