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If you want to be the best, it extends further than what you do on the field. The perfect example of this is Jerry Rice. Of course he became the best because of his work ethic, but he was a perfectionist.

Before every game, he would make sure his socks were pulled up perfectly. His shoes were tied just right. His gloves would be fresh and to his liking. His football equipment was just as important as his game because to him when he looked perfect he would play perfect. It’s everything. From his football helmet all the way down to his cleats. Jerry Rice made everything perfect.

Having the right equipment can be the difference for turning up a players career from high school to the NFL. You need to invest in the right and best equipment for you to rise above the level of your competition.

Most of this equipment is designed to protect you. Helmets and shoulder pads are a complete different technology compared to a couple decades ago. Brands like Riddell, Under Armor and Schutt have stepped their game up to a new level giving players the best protection possible.

Football equipment is made of synthetic materials such as foam rubbers, elastics and most importantly durable, shock-resistant molded plastic. Don’t leave it up to the equipment manager, leave it up to yourself to get the best gear possible.

From Pop Warner to the NFL, you need the best fitting and best looking equipment to be at your best. Here at sports finda, you will get that chance for the best price possible. When I say best price possible, it’s factual. Here at sports finda, there is a marketplace of used gear from football players just like you which are usually more than half the price of buying it new. We make sure the gear is in great shape so that you can get the best product possible for the cheapest price.

Here is the list of football equipment you can expect to see:
Shoulder Pads
Back Plates

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