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When I look at Steve Largent highlights it really drops my jaw considering he never wore football gloves. Anyone who has ever had a fresh pair of football gloves can tell you just how important they are. As someone catching the football, it is really almost like cheating. Like a crutch. Stick-em was a big deal back in the day and banned, but gloves nowadays are so advanced that it really is like stick-em.

Cutters used to be the gold standard for football gloves, but companies like Under Armour and Nike have really stepped up their game for gloves. I talked up Steve Largent and his ability to catch the ball without gloves, but if you have a massive fair game advantage, you need to take it. It can be the difference between you catching the game winning touchdown or dropping it on the ground.

If you had a pair of football gloves that you loved and they wore out, I can help you with that. Try running them in the washer. I have had a pair of gloves that completely lost their stick, but after putting them in the wash they were almost like new. We don’t have the luxury of being high paid athletes that get a new pair of gloves every quarter. Keep track of the stick and act accordingly.

Here is a misconception though. Football gloves are not only for players catching the football. Again, ask a defensive or offensive linemen about their time in the trenches. Most of your work is done with your hands against the biggest guys on the field and it’s only natural to get your fingers jammed. It can be jamming them in a helmet, in shoulder pads, and a good pair of lineman gloves can really save you from breaking a finger.

If you haven’t already taken a look at linemen gloves and compared them to the “catching” gloves, you can really see the difference. There is a massive amounts of padding and it’s clear that they are designed to keep a player protected. If you are an offensive lineman who doesn’t wear gloves, stop. I’m telling you right now, gloves will save you. If you haven’t jammed your finger up to this point, I promise you if you keep playing football you will jam your fingers and it will suck. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a pair of lineman gloves and save the pain and agony.

Whether it’s lineman football gloves or the ones for making one handed catches, Sportsfinda is your best option for getting the best performance and swag gloves you can find. We have all of the options from Cutters to Nike to Under Armour. Click here to check out our selection and get the best possible pair of football gloves for the best possible price.

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