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Game of the week between Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots did not leave fans disappointed one bit! The Legend Tom Brady against the New Era Young Gun Lamar Jackson both battled leading their teams in an epic battle full of amazing plays. Both teams known for having top defensive play made this a game you must watch. With that being said both teams had some of the leagues toughest Quarterback assignments also.

Lamar Jackson came out with poise hitting his target and leading his offense. Jackson sat in the Pocket and delivered throws even with New England sending the house at times to cause pressure. Jackson also used his feet when the pocket broke down as well as wowing fans scoring with them. We even got to see option runs that seem to be very effective with the Elite dual threat Lamar Jackson and Downhill running back Mark Ingram.

A special note about the prolific backfield in Baltimore is the history of Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram both being Heisman winners. They showed that electrifying stature in how they play together as a great duo. In this weeks matchup Lamar Jackson showed his talents Wheeling and Dealing past the Patriots defense completing 17 out of 23 passes with a touchdown to Tight End Nick Boyle and no interceptions. Adding to his performance he used his legs rushing for 61 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Lamar Jackson’s numbers showed he took care of the ball and had a good day over one of the toughest defense in the league.  Mark Ingram showcased why he is a two-time pro bowler and respected back in the league rushing for 115 yards on 15 carries. Ingram averaged 7.7 yards being effective every time the ball was in his hands. Hollywood Brown led receiving for the Ravens with 3 catches and 48 yards that were all critical moments.

Tom Brady who is always on a mission had ups and downs battling the tough Baltimore defense. Brady with his laser sharp accuracy was challenged this week and couldn’t clinch the win. Brady completed 30 out of 46 passes for 285 yards with a touchdown and an interception on the day. Brady had two receivers with 10 catches on the day being Julian Edelman 10 for 89 yards, Mohammad Sanu 10 for 81 yards,  and a touchdown . James White rushed for a touchdown that helped New England stay in the battle.

Defensively both teams met their match trying to contain one another’s talented quarterback. New England struggled a bit more containing the electrifying Lamar Jackson resulting in the Ravens finishing on top. The Ravens and Patriots are big threats around the league to any opponent. Tonight the Ravens defeated one of the best teams in the league 37-20. This was an epic battle and one to remember as Baltimore gave New England their first loss of the season.

Who will make it to the Super Bowl? Will one of these teams be there? More to come week by week in the NFL!

By Jay Burley

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